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Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
from speaking at an autograph signing sessio in sichuan province. he wore a face mask in protest. at an event in beijing he was punched and threatened with a knife. >> translator: i'm angry about the way the authorities censored this. >> translator: no one can distort public opinion. >> reporter: several protesters scuffled with li's fans outside the venue in shenzhen. police had to intervene. >>> the internet is now part of everyday life for more than 40% of china's population. that's up nearly 51 million from a year before. and most of them use mobile phones to go online. a survey shows 564 million people in china had internet access at the end of last year. 420 million of them access the web through mobile phones, including smartphones. the number grew 18% since a year ago. more than half of china's internet users have accounts for the country's version of twitter called weibo. criticisms against government corruption and the widening income gap appear often. the service now has 309 million accounts. the chinese government introduced a law last month to oblige internet users to re
Jan 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
conessional sessio you kw after a two year congressional session ends and right before the next one begins, so this would greatly weaken a president's recess appointment powers. >> as jim carney was mentioning earlier in that sound bite, he said this has been practiced and precedent for a long time. so is the likelihood that this particular rule cog have an effect on all sorts of presidential appointments going forward? >> absolutely. some people pointed out that many federal judges are sitting on the bench now thanks to their reaes-- recess appoiments. and as a rult todas ruli of the three judge panel of the federal appeals court and the district of columbia, those judges appointments could be nullified. and there are prisoners sitting if prison nowadays thinking wait t this is good news. maybe my conviction, maybe my sentencing can be overturned because the judge who ordered my sentence was a recess appointment. >> so considering the magnitude of all this, the supreme court likely to take it up? >> i think so, hari. it's not absolutely clear but because this decision has so much i
Jan 30, 2013 1:00am EST
83 sessions and -- 183 sessio sessions. again, i don't want to say that what these guys went through was not very aggressive. but it is simply -- i mean, those numbers are way out of bounds and have been misinterpreted in subsequent years to suit the particular commentaries or organizations' polemic perspective. >> one of the startling statistics in looking at there is there are more journalists who had themselves waterboarded to prove it is torture than there are terrorists who have been water boarded. >> almost an equal number of lawyers, too. seriously. in order to offer a judgment they said i want to be able to experience it. >> for the record, that was not me. i was not quite ready for that part of my electrical research. but there was a lawyer in our office who was closely monit monitoring it on a day-to-day basis who agreed to do that. >> and tens of thousands of servicemen have been waterboarded and i think now the only people that we stillwater board are americans in uniform. so waterboarding continues, just not of terrorists. let's turn to the question of the rule that inte
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3